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My name is Jeremy Peel and I am an executive for a marketing technology company, DeepTarget Inc. (http://www.deeptarget.com) based in Huntsville Alabama. Politically, I am a conservative, but I value open discourse and honest dialogue–even when the two parties walk away still in disagreement. I think that the biggest mistake that both conservatives and liberals make is to box themselves into a corner and not allow themselves to adopt the ideas from the other side that work. In this sense, I’m reluctant to even label myself as a conservative because there are those on both sides of the fence that will think I’m taking some positions on the issues that I’m not.

If you are a hard line conservative, one that believes that all conservatives should believe as you do, I’ll likely offend you at some point. In addition, if you are a hard line liberal and think that anyone who calls himself a conservative and/or espouses any conservative values is crazy (or uncaring, or selfish, or whatever else), your equally likely to be offended by my blog. If, however, you are a human being who likes to hear what others have to say and also likes to engage in well reasoned and respectful discussion or debate (this does not mean that you should avoid passoinate debate, because I’ll warn you, sometimes I’ll be very passionate in  my arguments), then I’d love for you to read my blog and let me know your thoughts–even if you want to challenge one of my thoughts or ideas.



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