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Who Sets the Agenda and What Are They Really After? October 21, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Conservative, Liberal, Truth.

I recently watched the first episode of Outlaw. I held off as long as I did because I was convinced that the show would have a strong liberal bent and that this would be an obstacle to me liking the show, despite my very favorable response to the premise that the underdog needs a champion–and all too often doesn’t get one.

The liberal bent was even a little stronger than I thought, but if I set all of the garbage aside, I really liked the story.

However, I can’t set the garbage aside, and I found myself thinking about it for the past while. The problem I had with it was the stereotypical, as seen through very, very liberal colored glasses approach to what it means to be a conservative. When a Supreme Court Justice turns his back on a conservative past, alienates all of his conservative colleagues and friends, and is applauded by all of the liberals (and possibly one conservative who may now be on the path to repentance), the message is clear: Conservatives want to maintain the status quo and don’t care about truth or justice, but liberals care about these things and are even willing to bend the rules to get it.

I would imagine that if a fair and honest survey was done to see how conservatives felt about the key legal and moral dilemmas presented in the show that pertained to the incarceration and possible execution of an innocent man, we would find that both liberals and conservatives would give pretty darn consistent answers–they would all want to see an innocent man exonerated–even if he’d previously been convicted. The show made it seem like liberals hate the tricks that lawyers and cog-in-the-machine judges perpetrate in the system, but from where I sit it is liberals who like to trick the system to get what they feel is right pushed through, no matter the consequences.

Once again, I find myself believing that every day liberals and every day conservatives probably believe pretty close to the same thing on many of the important issues, but we have been taught that we are much further apart than we are. We’re taught that we’re on opposite sides with regards to an innocent man in prison, but I maintain, I dont’ think we are.

So, I wonder: who is it that sets the public agenda for liberals and conservatives and what are they really after? Clearly, not truth, nor fairness–and if not these things, then what?



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