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Undermining Authority July 21, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Truth.

Maybe you think you’d do a better job, maybe you know you couldn’t, but just want to be the one calling the shots. Whatever your reason, if you want to become the one in authority, first you’re going to have to remove the current authority. If you’re determined and patient, and follow these simple suggestions, you’re sure to succeed:

  1. You might have heard, but nobody’s perfect–this goes for those in authority as well. Give it some time and you’ll discover that those in authority will make mistakes. Perhaps a natural disaster or maybe an ecological disaster caused by a human made accident–no one can respond properly to something on this scale–the mistakes will be plentiful, you just need to point them out to everyone (and a little exaggeration won’t hurt).
  2. If you’re targeting only one person, this tip can be harder to implement, but if you’re targeting a group of individuals, you don’t only have to wait for mistakes. In any composite authority, there is, inevitably, corruption. When found, you can take advantage of it, just like you can mistakes. However, one advantage with corruption is that you can actively encourage or even implant it, if you wish (but be careful not to get caught in your own trap).
  3. Find those who have been wronged and tell the world their story. Those who have truly been wronged will help you undermine authority and gather followers. They will also help you gain sympathy from those who would never follow you, and diminish or extinguish the intensity of those who would work against you. However, never let these find out what you’re really doing or they will be your undoing.
  4. Find those who think they have been wronged and bring them into your cause. They won’t care what you’re after, as long as it will cause pain to those they believe have wronged them. They won’t care what methods you use–or ask them to use. They will tell whatever story you want them to. They will only care that you have power and have included them. They will be your most devoted acolytes. You can certainly find these people in prisons, but don’t forget to search in those places where entitlements are handed out (but be very careful among the poor, because there are some very good people there and you may awaken an enemy if you presume too much).
  5. Find the proud. Find those who think they are better than everyone else. They will do anything (even feign humility) if they feel they are putting one over on everyone else. As long as you let them feel they have the upper hand, they’ll do anything you ask. If you’re having trouble finding these people, look in Hollywood or Universities, there should be more than enough to meet your needs in these places.
  6. Most important of all. Hide. Once you’ve found the people you need, they can be manipulated much more easily than you might think. You might, at some point, feel the urge to step into the light to fix some setback. Dont. Determination and patience will win in the end. Those you have manipulated will do your work for you.
  7. Last of all. Be ready to step into the void when the authority you have worked so long and hard to destroy finally falls. Others will be ready too–those who have been your allies up to this point as well as those who have been your enemies. Strike fast. Strike hard. Leave no survivors.

There are those who would destroy our freedom. They exist and they are working very hard. They are working hard on both sides of the political aisle. They are following steps very much like what is listed above. The only thing they need, besides what’s listed above, is an ignorant and apathetic citizenry.

Maybe it’s not to late to take that away from them.



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