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Turn Around July 6, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Truth.

I think that politics, as practiced by politicians, is best described as identifying something that is wrong (sometimes even manufacturing something to be wrong), and then convincing people you have the answer that will fix the problem.

The problem with this is that there seems to be a common handicap among almost all politicians–once they’ve identified a problem, they seem to think that the fact that they identified the problemĀ means they are theĀ  most likely person to have the solution that will fix the problem. And they spend so much time and energy trying to convince everyone that they have the solution that they have no time left over to formulate an actual solution.

And the rest of us just want to get on with our lives, so we elect them and give them a chance. The problem is that we tend to turn our backs, counting on the fact that they will keep fixing the problem.

When the person who was supposed to fix the problem realizes he can’t, he decides he has no choice but to do the next best thing–hide the problem. If he can hide it, no one will realize it wasn’t fixed–and he can pretend he was the right choice and that he kept his promise.

Eventually, though, we all wake up, realize there’s still a problem, and then elect the next joker who has a new insight into the problem–because maybe he’ll finally be the one that can actually fix it.

The answer isn’t so much finding the right man or woman to elect, it’s that we should stop turning our back and trusting them to fix the problem while we’re not looking.



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