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Star Wars and The Paths to Tyrany June 7, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Conservative, Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Truth.

I’m a fan of the Star Wars movies–the first movie I ever saw in an indoor theater was the first Star Wars movie (apparently it was important for the movie going public that their movie going experience be separated from me by distance and mostly sound proof barriers).

Skip forward many years.

Although I found episode III (Revenge of the Sith) to be so disturbing that I haven’t been able to watch it a second time, I did gain a very important insight into life from this motion picture. I found it very interesting that in the end, Chancellor Palpatine had set himself up to win no matter which side won in the conflict. If the republic won the war with the rebels (in this one, the rebels were the bad guys–which is an interesting lesson about the nature of labels, but I digress), then the Chancellor had full control of the senate. If the Trade Federation and the other rebels had won, then the Chancellor was also their leader (in one case, the Chancellors identity was secret, but his aims were clear; whereas in the other his identity was known while his aims were hidden). Either way, though, it was everyone else who lost.

I think that in this whole debate (yes, perhaps this is a euphamism, but I’d like to think positively) of Liberalism vs. Conservatism, we must recognize that the same potential exists. Both Liberalism and Conservatism offer a path to tyrany–and there are those on both sides who crave power and who try to pursue this goal.

Those people who crave power will try to use our identity against us and trick us into supporting them–we must reject this!!

We must accept that both political philosophies offer paths to tyranny—and we must protect against those paths on our own side just as ardently as we campaign against those on the other side. Otherwise, eventually, this rubber band tug of war over the support of the citizens of this country will snap in one direction so strongly that we’ll find our freedom is lost, along with our ability to get it back any time soon. And it’s impossible to say which side it will snap on.



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