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The Hypocrisy of Hate May 17, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Life and Politics.

Has anyone else noticed that often those who are the loudest in their condemnation of hate are so very prone to hate?

For decades homosexual advocacy groups have preached about how wrong it is to hate someone because of their orientation or lifestyle choices. However, when Carrie Prejean answered a question in a way they found offensive, their speech was vile and hateful and extremely prolific. Even organizations dedicated to the proper treatment of women were silent or even supportive of this hateful rhetoric even when everything they have stood for should have made them stand against such rhetoric, even if they disagreed with her comments.

Groups that advocate for illegal immigration tell everyone else that they are hateful whenever they try to enforce laws that already exist, or create new laws that are really no different from the ones that already exist–when such laws are meant only to protect everyone in this country from a growing problem (speaking specifically of the criminally minded illegal immigrants). In fact, the demonstrations and reactions against those in favor of getting control of this are very vile and hateful.

Remember when Sarah Palin ran for Vice President? The liberals in the country went absolutely crazy with their attacks on her. People that I respect would exclaim that they couldn’t stand her–but could never explain exactly why. The hateful rhetoric was abhorrent and overwhelmed even the good sense of normally decent people.

Those of us that truly believe that hate is wrong may find at times that we become passionate on an issue–maybe even angry, but we eschew hate–knowing that there is no justifiable reason for this.

The world has a long history of coming up with reasons to hate. These days, those who want to hate seem to be content with the idea that it’s OK to hate a hater. So, all you have to do is convince yourself–and a few of your buddies, that that guy over there is a hater–and if you can do that, there is nothing you can do to him that would be wrong. After all, he’s a hater and you hate haters.



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