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Racism in the Political Machine May 6, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Conservative, Liberal, Life and Politics, Politics, Truth.

I’m watching all of this furor over the new Arizona law. As I said before, I have personal reasons for feeling compassion toward some illegal immigrants. My family counts some illegal immigrants among the circle of friends we have built in the course of our lives–those friends that always remain friends despite distance and even lack of communication in many cases. Despite this, though, I have been supportive of Arizona’s new law because I feel I understand the need for it and the out of control problems that have been caused by the immigration issues. I also feel that since the Federal Government has failed in its responsibility to address this issue, states have every right to protect their own citizens and communities.

However, after seeing the expansive nature of the furor over this new law–and all of the ugly things being said about it by various groups and individuals, I wanted to know for myself if the law really had anything in it that either 1) promoted or 2) allowed for racial profiling and the targeting of Hispanics.

So, I read the law. The law was not as short as some reports I’d read (it was 17 pages long), but it was very organized and easy to understand–and it gave clear answers to my questions.

My first question was: Does it promote racial profiling? The answer is no. My second question was: does it allow for racial profiling? The answer to this was also, very clearly, no.

The law specifically forbids acting on the basis of race alone. Given the sue happy society we live in, this will give anyone who was even possibly stopped for only this purpose grounds to sue and create a real problem for any authorities caught doing this. So, the pressure will not only be present it will be HUGE in favor of having other concrete and provable factors present before pursuing the identification of a potential illegal immigrant.

Given this, I believe that every group or individual who is laying claims of racism and racial profiling with regards to this law has committed a serious infraction against our society. It is clear that this law will not promote either.

To all of the Hispanic communities and their supporters that are rising up against this law, I say: Read the law. Tell the rest of us where, exactly, you see racism in its text. Prove to us that you have real grounds for fear that this law will target honest, law-abiding citizens of the United States. Otherwise, we can only conclude that you are simply trying to protect illegal immigration–and if this is the case, you are complicit in every murder, drug addiction, rape, broken home, and ruined life that results from your protection of this activity. Those tragedies are what the state of Arizona and their supporters are trying to stop.

Let’s find a way to fix legal immigration and stop illegal immigration, so we can at least attempt to keep the murderers, drug dealers, gang members, terrorists, and other bad guys out. Arizona is helping us with one half, let’s all work together and focus on getting the other half done. Hate is wrong, no matter what side of the issue you stand on.



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