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Abusing Freedom April 24, 2010

Posted by rjpeel in Conservative, Liberal, Truth.

In the political world in which we live, each side seems to have grown quite adept at finding the faults that exist on the other side. It is also all to common that we do not see the faults that exist on our own side, nor fully acknowledge those that exist on both sides. We’re too busy trying to discredit the other side to let in anything that might distract from this focus–even just a little. As a result, we miss opportunities to improve and correct ourselves–and missing these opportunities may prove more dangerous than it at first seems.

One of those opportunities that I think conservatves have missed, and that I think Liberals are misunderstanding or using to their advantage (depending on the purity of their individual motives) is the fact that in a free society there are always those that abuse freedom. Some companies and groups abuse freedom by engaging in behaviors that may turn a profit, but that do harm to individuals, groups, the nation, or even the world. Individuals abuse freedom by engaging in selfish, dangerous or even illegal activities.

The financial meltdown that occurred in this country and that affected the entire world was caused by risky investments that some on ‘wallstreet’ chose to sell, encourage, or engage in. These investements were made possible by liberal policies that were put in place many years ago and promoted and safeguarded by both Democrats and Republicans over the years. This abuse of freedom has caused many to call for more regulation, more oversght, more controls and laws put in place to ensure that this never happens again–and all the time, those ultimately responsible for this haven’t even taken responsibility and been punished (mostly the politicians that put the policies in place that made this meltdown possible).

When we see stories of kidnappings, murder, and other such tragedies, we wonder if more couldn’t be done to ensure that the police had all of the information they needed at their fingertips–we don’t believe that infringing on the privacy of malicious people is a bad thing. We see that peope die from not having seat belts on, so we make laws that they must wear their seatbelts. We see that some parents don’t treat their kids the way they should, so we put more laws in place that give the government and the courts a greater ability to control families.

Ultimately, those individuals who choose to abuse freedom are giving ammunition not only to well meaning, but misguided, inividuals who want to make the world a better and safer place, but they also give ammunition to those who want to take our freedoms away, so they and theirs can have more power and wealth. Ultimately, individals and groups in a free society that do not exercise self restraint create reasons to give the government more and more power over our lives–which takes more and more freedom away.

This will lead to socialism or even something much, much worse in time. Many people in our great country want socialist policies and laws to be put in place, not because they like the idea of socialism (something many of us don’t even understand), but because they have been convinced that we need protection and help and that the only entity powerful enough to provide that is the government. They don’t realise that when you give the government that much power, eventually it will be abused–the protector will become the abuser and then there will be no one who can save the people from this threat.

So, as conservatives, we need to reject the idea that those things which distract from our fight against liberal policies and such are always damaging or destructive to our cause. We must champion the principles of freedom, which start with self restraint. We must teach the current generations that without self restraint, we WILL eventually lose our freedom. We must champion this with even more vigor than we use as we stand against those policies that we know will take our freedom, because if we take our eye off this ball, eventually the abuses of freedom will overwhelm our society to the point where freedom cannot, not will not, but CANNOT be protected.



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